LOGO“SCI-MATH FOCUS” is a programmed organized and managed by Mega Mind Training Center (MMTC) that focus in enhancement of the skills and knowledge in Mathematics and Physics. The programmed currently developed specific to the primary and secondary school students.

The Subject Covered:

  • Mathematics
  • Add Math
  • Physics

The Audience:

  • SPM
  • PT3
  • UPSR

We are aim to become the best tuition leader and wants to be always the first choice for our customers. Our group consists of an experienced teachers that had a strong background in the subject area.

logo_long_smallWhereas, Mega Mind Training Center (MMTC) had been established in year 2014 and had delivered a very good training services majorly in the field of I.C.T. The training area that had been covered by MMTC including the Software Programming, Database Administration, Mobile Development, RFID and Embedded Systems, Web Development and many more.